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Thoughts are the vehicles that carry Ideas from place to place and when these Thoughts are Golden; the Ideas riding them are bound to meet Golden Opportunities and successfully launch Golden Times!

Our Passion!

We strongly believe in the power of thoughts to transform everything; from mindsets to market trends and brand lives. That is why we passionately toil over Golden Thoughts to develop heart winning campaigns that breathe new life into the brands we work with.

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We consider creativity to be the foundation of all good work. However in our extensive experience of over two decades.


We are all living in the Media War Era, products, brands, and names are bombarded from all directions.


Being in the service industry, we completely understand that the level of success gained in this field is..


The world that had transformed into a Global Village in the recent past has now taken the form of a Global Network.


At Golden Thoughts, we craft incredible stories to brilliantly reflect your brand philosophy and touch the


Future is all about having a strong and well developed Digital persona; one that appeals, engages and inspires.

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The Work that Reflects Our Passion!



GM Marketing
Muringa Inc.

I have personally worked with GT Team to design advertising campaigns to increase sales and enhance my company image. I found amazing results without wasting any single penny in the given time period. I found them completely professional and sincere.

Pertab Singh

CEO Sacred Heart

We launched our project in covid-19 and were surprised to see the sale figure after launching marketing campaign designed by Golden Thoughts. Golden Thoughts is a really good marketing solution company.

Mian Muhammad Adrees

Chairman & CEO Sitara Chemical Group
Director International (Lions Clubs)
Ex-President FPCCI

25 Years of Mutual Trust and Growth: Our complete account is being handled by Golden Thoughts for the last 25 years. We are completely satisfied with the services and creativity they provide. The main point of satisfaction is creativity and unmatched, timely services.Our real estate, textile, education and public service campaigns were brilliantly done and we got a lot of response due to effective advertising campaigns. We launched MTFC and many other projects successfully with Golden Thoughts .Our long term, sincere relationship of over two and a half decades is a proof of their dedication and exemplary services.

Kashif Zia

CEO Forvil Cosmetics (Pvt.) Ltd.

We Became the Largest Selling Brand in Herbal Category with Golden Thoughts: We started our business in 1970 but faced difficulties in achieving our goals and the expected results. We joined hands with Golden Thoughts in 1998 and found a dramatic change in our brand recognition and sales. We became the largest selling brand in herbal category in 2001 due to Golden Thoughts’well planned advertising strategies. The celebrity endorsement suggested by them and their focused BTL strategy gave us a tremendous response .We still have the same confidence and trust in our agency and they have not lost even an ounce of passion for our brand projection passion, even after 23 years.

Mr.Shahid Zia.

CEO Treet Corporation

Incredible Rise in Sales; 5 MT to 25 MT in Just One Month!Golden Thoughts is a wonderful adverting agency. They proposed a challenging advertising strategy for our brand “BodyGuard Soap”. They shot and launched the campaign on national networked within 24 hour and the sales figures we got were unbelievable .Our sales increased from 5 Metric ton to 25 Metric ton in just one month. This created a record for both the companies. We sent our marketing and sales team on 15 days leisure trip to Thailand and Malaysia with Golden Thoughts Team as appreciation of their hard work and commitment. We still enjoy same business relations with Golden Thoughts and wish them success in all their endeavors.

Mr.Muhammad Ahmed

Director Marketing
Rajah’s Men’s Suiting

Now We Are The Market Leaders!We were successfully running the Chemical business, when an idea to enter the textile industry struck us. We shared our ambitions with Golden Thoughts who promptly gave us a compelling and competitive marketing strategy and an excellent execution plan. We had a tough completion in this category since there were players who had been in the lead for years; but we got a challenger position within 2 years due to effective advertising strategies of Golden Thoughts. Today, by the grace of Allah, we are in the lead position and have multiple brands looking up to us and following our trends.

Mian Anees

CEO Sitara Textile Industries Ltd.

Golden Thoughts is our Trusted Marketing Partner for 25 Years:Sitara Textile is the largest and oldest Textile manufacturer of Pakistan with more than 25 brands for different consumer segments.Golden Thoughts has been with us on this successful and eventful journey for over two decades. They produced highly memorable TVC for our Sitara Sapna Brand that made us the leading apparel brand .We launched a new shopping brand “Sitara Studio” with Golden Thoughts two yearsback and now we have 10 branches in different cities and expanding vastly. Golden Thoughts hastruly been our faithful, sincere and great advertising partner for the last 25 years.

Mr.Chenshun hue

Oditor MotorCycle

Golden Thoughts Paved the Path for us to Enter Pakistani Market:Through research we identified Pakistani market’s potential for our product launch. Golden Thoughts helped us understand the market, gathered consumer feedback for us and developed complete marketing solutions for our smooth entry into the market. Now we have a wide network in Pakistan and this is beyond doubt the success of both companies

Mian Muhammad Hanif

Chairman Kisan Cooking Oil and Ghee

No doubt GT is a Worthy Partner: We have a good and productive relationship with Golden Thoughts since its inception .From that day to this day, almost 25 years have passed and amazingly there has been a constant rise in their level of dedication, energy, sincerity and creativity. They produced a historical TVC for our Kisan cooking oil that got us 70% sales increase. They have also supported us in many of our significant launches including water,real estate and spices launch. May our relationship grow even stronger in the coming years.

Mian Rasheed

MD 92 HD News

GT has Sound TV Production and Marketing Sense:Golden Thoughts is our sincere and dedicated agency in our all projects .We launched Pakistan’s top rated news channel 92 news HD and were fortunate to find a truly professional and sincere advertising agency in the form of Golden Thoughts. We have appointed Golden Thoughts as our marketing partner in North America and they are doing a wonderful job inducing production of TV programs and marketing.

Our Friends

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