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We consider creativity to be the foundation of all good work. However in our extensive experience of over two decades, we have developed a perfect ratio between creativity and objectivity; so that every creation of Golden Thoughts not only rates high in creativity and inspires the target audience but also serves the brand’s purpose. We constantly work towards trendsetting creative strategies and solutions for our clients across the globe. We offer focused, strategic and effective creative services in all segments of advertising. Our expertise lies in ideation, digital marketing, designing & strategy development. We are masters in the art of turning any product into a concept that resonates with the audience and also take pride in translating a brand philosophy into a TVC. So whatever your challenge may be; you will find a creative solution available at Golden Thoughts. We live and breathe to create! We believe in rising above monotonous advertising and offering ‘A big idea’ that lifts the benchmark and imprints on the minds of clients for a long time.


We are all living in the Media War Era, products, brands, and names are bombarded from all directions…there is noise everywhere and chaos in customers' minds. In such sensitive times, only a well-thought, golden plan can save your voice from drowning in the sea of noise…a plan by Golden Thoughts; with an edge to cut through the clutter with clear, consistent messaging and comprehensive, well-integrated media strategy. Our experience lets you make the most informed strategic and cost-effective media decisions possible. Each of our projects involves the creation of an elaborate media plan tailored to reach primary influencers in the purchase decision. We are the masters of traditional media and inventors of new ones…and through each medium, our objective remains the same, i.e. to hit your target market and help you achieve your targets…at the best possible rates. The strengths of our Media services can be thus summed up as:
1. Understanding your goals
2. Thinking of new and traditional media
3. Reaching your target markets, planning and negotiating
4. Buying the best deals And that’s just the beginning!


Being in the service industry, we completely understand that the level of success gained in this field is directly proportionate to the excellence of services provided. Hence the Client Service team at Golden Thoughts is always ready to assist you in every possible way, every hour of the day. Our team consists of passionate and dedicated individuals who are trained not to be just a bridge between the agency and client. They are encouraged to take complete ownership of their assigned brands/product as true custodians. They are involved in every step of the campaign, so that they can add value through their deep understanding of the clients’ requirements and market trends.
At Golden Thoughts, we have this Golden phrase regarding Client Service individuals, “They are faithfully wedded to the brand.” And this is the level of commitment, dedication and engagement that makes them a key member of the teams at both ends.


The world that had transformed into a Global Village in the recent past has now taken the form of a Global Network, where everything is connected and seamlessly attached. In this digitally defined world, one simply cannot conceive of gaining mind or market share without having an online presence.
Golden Thoughts has always been at the forefront of embracing change and innovation. We are proud to have been amongst the pioneers of digital marketing in the advertising industry. We passionately rode the wave of digitalization and learnt the skills to successfully surf this overwhelming wave with confidence.
We are fully geared to give our clients complete digital services including social media strategy, competitor analysis, Facebook, Instagram and twitter page set up and management, page optimization, content writing, social media posts, banners and much more.
We have developed different packages to meet your specific social media requirements at affordable rates. With competent and skilled digital team at Golden Thoughts; you’re sure to get countless likes and a huge following.


At Golden Thoughts, we craft incredible stories to brilliantly reflect your brand philosophy and touch the viewers at a much deeper level. Whether it’s a seasonal TVC, an annual campaign, or a social media video, we ensure that our ideas go below the surface level and succeed in not only amusing but also actively engaging viewers.
Like in all other areas of operation; here also our principle remains the same: “To deliver what we promise, or even better.” There is no third option for us. Whatever your budget or challenge may be; we work together to produce creative content that tells your story in a meaningful and memorable way.


Future is all about having a strong and well developed Digital persona; one that appeals, engages and inspires. We work diligently to capture the essence of your brand and match it with your digital representation. Developing technically sound and visually aesthetic websites, web pages and apps are our forte. So let us add a Golden touch to your online presence.


“A picture is worth a thousand words” is definitely said about photographs beautifully caught by the lens. Golden Thoughts is expert in putting life into any picture through its magical photographic skills. We deal in professional model shoots, product photography and thematic cinematography. With our high quality equipment and aesthetically charged team, rest assured that any subject you bring us will receive a heart winning radiance through our lens.


The buzz of events makes people take notice and in case of brands; it makes buyers act. We think in terms of ideas that can be expressed in any form, and that integrate throughout your business. This is the way we handle Event Management. We develop creative solutions that empower our clients, influence audiences and position your brand for success.

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